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Why is art important to my mental health?

Art all around the world is valued in different levels according to society. Who is to say what art really is? Or what is if for? Or whom is it for? Art is meant to cause controversy as well as unite people all around the world. It can heal us or cause more damage. Set intentions in art are placed by the sub-conscious mind of the artist, to either hurt the viewer or place intent of healing powers and the conscious mind follows order as to understand the unspoken language between the two minds and creates the master pieces at hand. Without creativity society becomes stagnant in its development and advancement of its civilizations. Contemplation brings up questions such as the what ifs of the past and future. Color indulgence influences our desires and needs or there lack of, color is the eye's poison if ingested incorrectly. Healing art enhances our perspective in life and brings enlightenment to create new and better innovations to help improve our society as a whole. Art can heal and repair what was once damaged and displaced. Art is magic if used correctly. The creator and the viewer both have assignments to fulfill when involved in the dance of art. More to come...

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